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Communities In Schools of Metropolitan Detroit
Communities In Schools of Metropolitan Detroit
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Research + Reports

There has been much research done on the state of education and the dropout crisis in our state and around the country. Following are samples of that research.

America's School Dropout Epidemic By The Numbers

An infographic detailing America's dropout epidemic published by the Huffington Post.
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Raising Their Voices: Engaging Students, Teachers & Parents To Help End the High School Dropout Epidemic

The following report, by Civic Enterprises, is intended to help communities bridge the gaps among parents, students, and teachers, and smooth the pathways to high school graduation, postsecondary success, a more productive workforce, and a more prosperous nation.
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Left Behind In America: The Nation's Dropout Crisis

America is currently in the throes of a persistent high school dropout crisis that has been a long time in the making, with substantial disparities in dropout rates across race, ethnic, and income groups and geographic areas. A report by the center for labor market studies at Northeastern University in Boston and the Alternative Schools Network in Chicago.
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Communities In Schools and the Model of Integrated Student Services Program Evaluation

The cornerstone of the CIS Model is the provision of widely accessible prevention services and resources that are available to entire school populations, which are paired with the coordinated, targeted and sustained intervention services and resources for that subset of students who are most at risk of dropping out of school.
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Florida: Ready For What? Preparing Students for College, Careers and Life After High School

A special state-focused supplement to Education Week's "Diplomas Count. The Graduation Project 2007."
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Florida Graduation Rates 2007

Graduation rates and information regarding the achievment gap and proficiency measures for Florida students.
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Setting the Stage for New High Schools
Muncipal Leadership in Supporting High School Alternatives

Learn how mayors and other municipal leaders in cities across the nation are helping expand alternatives for students who struggle in traditional high school settings.
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Solving the Nation's Dropout Problem. National Office Profile Showcases Four Local Affiliates, 2008

Developed by the national office, this report showcases the work of four local affiliates: two in urban centers, Charlotte, N.C., and Philadelphia, Pa.; and two in nonurban areas, Bell and Coryell Counties, Tex., and Wayne County, Ind.
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Dropout Risk Factors & Exemplary Programs

This study, conducted by the National Dropout Prevention Center/Network, and sponsored by Communities In Schools Inc., finds that there are multiple risk factors which increase the likelihood that students will drop out and provides information on 50 programs that were found to be effective in addressing these risk factors.
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The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

The central message of this report is that while some students drop out because of significant academic challenges, most dropouts are students who could have, and believe they could have, succeeded in school.
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Spotlight on Florida's Youth At Risk by the Eckerd Family Foundation

In this report, CHILD TRENDS AND THE FOUNDATION have jointly identified five groups of vulnerable youth ages 16-24 for which Florida data are readily available.
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Time Magazine

The number of high school students who leave before graduating is higher--much higher--than you think. Inside one town's struggle to reverse the tide.
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Annie E. Casey Foundation: KIDS COUNT Data Book

A national and state-by-state effort to track the status of children in the United States. Information is also available in an online database that enables users to generate custom graphs, maps, ranked lists, and state-by-state profiles. Both the book and the online database can be accessed at: Annie E. Casey Foundation: KIDS COUNT Data Book.

Child Trends Databank

Among youth ages 16 to 24, Hispanics accounted for 40 percent of all high school dropouts in 2004. However, they only made up 17 percent of the total youth population.
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Additional Research/Reports